Monday, February 13, 2012

11th Month

Time does fly by. I was a little delayed in getting the 10th and 11th months posted with all the activity. Madeline is crawling like a champ and pulls up very easily. She can walk with her push toy and scales walls and furniture. She even climbs up the stairs. This month she went to the zoo for the first time with her playgroup and has taken to shaking her head no constantly. We saw a few glimpses of the sour face that I am sure we will see much more in the teen years. Madeline is getting good at calling us "momma" and "dadda" with many variations. She is very affectionate and full of laughter (the go-to if we want her to laugh is making barf noises like Jef is demonstrating in the picture below). Grandma Frannie came out for a visit and Madeline has been able to get a lot of one on one, quality time with her Grannie.

10 Months!

Madeline had a very busy month. We went back to Wyoming for Christmas and she was able to see all of her extended family, including getting to meet her Uncle Nick for the first time. She enjoyed playing with her cousins and visiting all of her grandparents. Madeline received lots of wonderful presents.

We moved into a new house and Madeline has her own playroom now, she loves spending time pulling up on and opening the refrigerator door of her play kitchen. She also started crawling this month and is getting more independent every day. She enjoys playing peak-a-boo through the stair rails and is so fast at grabbing things we have to be extra diligent (see the 10 month picture).