Tuesday, October 25, 2011

8 Months

This has been a fun month for us. Madeline has started being able to pick up and feed herself small pieces of food. She doesn't have any teeth yet, and I am in no hurry for them! She rolls herself all around the house and I think she will be crawling very soon. Madeline is very affectionate and now gives her mom and dad slobbery kisses and hugs.
Bathtime - Madeline loves splashing in her big duck!
Mealtimes are always fun, especially when they are messy!
Mommy and baby on the porch.
Silly little girl likes sticking her legs out of the crib.
Madeline loves the swings!
She isn't quite as fond of the slide.
Madeline and daddy getting ready to slide.
Check out her cute boots - they're John Deere!
Look at all that hair!
Fun in the pumpkin patch!
My pumpkin in a sea of pumpkins.
Mmmmm, tasty!
Mommy and baby in the pumpkin patch.
Fun on the swings - Madeline giggles the whole time!
Fun day at the park.
Mom trying to get all artsy with the camera. :-)
Eight months old!
Madeline always finds the tags - the favorite part of all her toys!

Monday, October 3, 2011

7 Months

Madeline has been busy this month. We went to visit our good friends in Indianapolis and she did great on the plane. She loved playing with their little girl Reagan and would squeal with delight when she saw her. She has eaten her way through every new flavor of baby food available at the store and she does well with everything except bananas (just like her mama). She even likes eating herbs from our garden. Jef has started making her baby food at home as well. She has started playing with drinking out of a sippy cup, but prefers drinking from regular cups (with help of course). Madeline is sitting up without support and picking up heavier toys with no problem. She is truly a delight and has added so much happiness to our lives. I look forward to every morning, getting to go into her room and see the big smile on her face.
(We had to get a shot of her in her snowsuit since she will probably outgrow it before winter.)