Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Week 17

So I am now into week 17 and things are going pretty good. No more 1st trimester tiredness or food aversions. I pretty much feel like I'm not even pregnant other than my stomach looking fatter, but I am definitely not showing yet. Wish it would happen soon...

Yesterday we had a doctor's appointment and of course Jef came along. The nurse went to weigh me and she kept pushing the dial up, up, up, until she was +25 lbs from the last time I was there and she asked me to go ahead and take my shoes off. I was freaking out! I have been weighing myself at home and had only gained ~4 lbs. over this whole pregnancy, so this was way out of line! I get back on the scale and this time it works just fine and it is in line with my at-home reading. The nurse continues to tell us that heels can make you off-balance and that can cause the scale to act weird. As soon as she leaves the exam room, Jef starts bursting out laughing and telling me how funny the expression on my face was - turns out, he had put his foot on the corner of the scale and pushed down! What a stinker!

The appointment went well - little one is doing fine. We heard the heartbeat and the doctor said it was on the higher side (which the old housewives tale says means a girl). Jef is still saying he thinks it's a boy, but I think it's a girl. We'll find out in 3 more weeks on 10/15. Can't wait - I want to start picking out stuff for the nursery!